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Plastic pollution is an issue that affects us all. Students all over Mallorca are developing projects to raise awareness, take action and reduce the use of plastic. These projects are not just ideas, but active solutions, which have started to pave the way to a healthier sea and a less wasteful way of living.

Together, we’re creating a wave of change! Will you join us?

Special thanks to the Fundación Jesús Serra for supporting our Changemakers Project 2020

Watch our Live Feedback of this year's teams 

Epic highlight reel of this year's expeditions!

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Environmental Educator

Save The med Foundation


"This project is all about groups of students from all over the island taking action and creating an impact among their peers, in their schools and in their local communities. Thinking global, acting local in its essence." 

solving the plastic crisis

How do we solve a seemingly impossible problem? By joining forces, two hands at a time! Want to help out? Join Save The Med Foundation's awareness events and coastal actions. Help out while learning how you can contribute towards a plastic-free Mediterranean.

how to participate

Read more about who can join the Changemakers Project and download the project guidelines. 

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