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Plastic pollution is an issue that affects us all. Students all over the Balearic Islands are developing projects to raise awareness, take action and reduce the use of plastic. These projects are not just ideas, but active solutions, which have started to pave the way to a healthier sea and a less wasteful way of living.

Together, we’re creating a wave of change! 

Will you join us?

Your Mission:

Develop a project or idea to reduce the use of single-use plastic and send it to our team at Save The Med.  The five teams who come up with the most impactful projects will be invited to join the Save The Med team for a marine science expedition exploring the wildlife in one of Spain’s largest National Parks.

who can participate?

  • This project is open to all students living in the Balearic Islands aged 15-18   (14 year olds can participate if they turn 15 by December 31st 2021)

  • Team members must be in the same school and the same school year

Changemakers junior

  • For students in Mallorca aged 8 to 14 years old!

What types of projects

are we looking for?

The objective of you project will be to REDUCE THE USE of single-use plastic. We are looking for creative solutions and ideas based on the three most important Rs: 


IMPORTANT: Projects focused on recycling or clean-ups will NOT be considered. Instead, explore ways in which your project can help REDUCE the amount of plastic that is produced by companies and/or used by consumers in our everyday lives. 


There are no limits to how you can achieve this but we encourage you to consider the interest and talents of your team members, and think of creative ways of how you can apply them to develop an inspiring project! 

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This year our judges will select up to 5 top projects!


Marine Science Expedition week on-board a scientific research vessel with Save The Med


Marine Science Excursion day on-board the solar-powered boat Stenella

The classes of all five awarded projects will receive cash prizes of 500 Euros for the entire class to use towards future projects / class excursions/ positive environmental actions. 


If potential funders and/or investors find feasible ideas among the projects, students might be offered a possibility to develop their projects further. 

Download our CHANGEMAKERS BROCHURE for more details about the project,

participation and our evaluation criteria. If you have specific questions contact jasmine@savethemed.org


An event where all teams can come together. Students from all over the islands will get together to present their projects and discuss solutions to plastic pollution (subject to change due to COVID-19 regulations). You will have a chance to view each other's projects, network, learn from each other, inspire and be inspired.


Special thanks to the Fundación Jesús Serra for supporting our Changemakers Project


"This project is all about groups of students from all over the island taking action and creating an impact among their peers, in their schools and in their local communities. Thinking global, acting local in its essence."

Mari Gutic

Environmental Educator

Save The Med Foundation